Company Registration


Company Online Registration FAQs

1Why should I register a company?
Incorporating a company holds its benefits including:
i. a separate legal entity, and therefore you are not liable personally for debts as you would be as a sole trader,
ii. not being susceptible to paying higher rates of income tax, since you only pay corporation tax on taxable profits at a fixed rate,
iii. being eligible to claim more respite in terms of tax-deductible costs thereby lowering corporation tax amount payable annually
iv. creation of ability to raise capital and encourage investment into your business,
v. investors having confidence in your company since you have a more established profile than a sole trader’s.
vi. perpetual succession, for your company exists beyond a natural person,
vii. improvement of your credibility and professional impression by operating under a limited status, which can lead to more business and higher profits in the long run.
2What type of a company do you recommend me to register?
We recommend that you register a Private Limited. However, we are open to assist you with all types of companies.
3What information/ documentation do you require from me?
At least 5 proposed names for your company (in preference order),
i. At least 2 main objectives of the company,
ii. Details of at least 2 Directors and 1 Secretary i.e. - Full names, - ID numbers - Addresses
iii. Physical and postal address of the business.
4Do I get a tax clearance after registering a company?
(i) ITF263 (Tax Clearance registration) and Tax Registration usually takes from 2 to 10 days.
5What are the payment methods you accept for Registration Fees?
We accept funds transferred or deposited into our trust account details below:
Account Name:
Account Number:
6How will I be kept informed about my case?
Once we have approved of your documentation, we will communicate our trust funds details in which deposits and transfers can be made.
Our staff implements numerous ways to update our clients including the conventional email, mobile message or call. We have incorporated a portal in which our clients can login and obtain details on the matters we are handling for them. In addition, we have developed an App which allows users to also obtain updates on their matters.

Trust Online Registration FAQs

1Why should I register a Trust
A Trust holds advantages that include:
i. limited liability is possible if a corporate trustee is appointed
ii. the structure provides more privacy than a company
iii. there can be flexibility in distributions among beneficiaries
2What information will be required for a Trust registration?
The following are very important to a trust;
i. There should be the founder,
ii. There should be the trustee/s who should accept appointment,
iii. There should be the trust fund/property
iv. There should be the trust object
3Will the trust income be taxed?
i. trust income is generally taxed as income of an individual.


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