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Wilmot & Bennett provides legal services in a wide range of areas, including: Corporate & Commercial Transactions Advisory; Employment Matters; Civil & Criminal Litigation; Real Estate; Conveyancing; Foreclosures & Debt Recovery; Family Matters; Estate Planning & Administration; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Notarial Practice; Intellectual Property Matters.

Corporate & Commercial Transactions Advisory

Wilmot & Bennett's full range of services include:

We help families deal with legal matters ranging from:

  • drafting and reviewing contracts, e.g. shareholder agreements;
  • drafting advisory opinions on mergers and acquisitions; and
  • conducting due diligence exercises.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for all matters pertaining to corporate and commercial transactions advisory. Employment Matters

Our lawyers possess decades' worth of experience in the negotiation and conclusion of employment contracts, dispute resolution, the drafting of employment codes of conduct, retrenchment procedures, and general litigation.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for employment matters.

Civil & Criminal Litigation

All Legal Practitioners at Wilmot & Bennett have the right of audience in all the courts in Zimbabwe and in all fora where legal representation is permitted or required.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for civil litigation

Real Estate & Conveyancing

Wilmot & Bennett's conveyancing practice goes back to the time of its inception in 1963. During this time, we have acted on behalf of clients on all sides of conveyancing and real estate transactions, be they buyers, sellers, lenders, lessors, lessees, mortgagors or mortgagees.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for real estate and conveyancing matters.

Debt Recovery & Foreclosures

The Firm works with individuals, corporations and institutions in the recovery of debts from errant debtors, and even provides access to private investigators under circumstances where the locations of these debtors are unknown. The Firm also provides services on foreclosure in relation to unpaid mortgages.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for foreclosures and debt recovery.

Family Matters

Wilmot & Bennett's family law department provides advice and representation on:

  • the dissolution of civil marriages, customary law unions and universal partnerships;
  • custody and maintenance claims over children; and
  • the adoption of/guardianship over minors.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for family matters.

Estate Planning and Administration

Wilmot & Bennett's services include:

  • drafting wills;
  • registering/lodging and safekeeping wills;
  • estate planning and administration;
  • forming/registering and administering trusts (including registering and safekeeping trust deeds)

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for estate planning and administration.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whatever the circumstances, when our professional assessment determines alternative dispute resolution to be more cost-effective and time-effective to our clients than litigation, we deliver satisfactory results.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for alternative dispute resolution.

Notarial Practice

Wilmot & Bennett's Notary Publics offer services in non-contentious matters, including official name changes or the notarising affidavits for use in foreign courts or visa applications.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for notarial services.

Intellectual Property Matters

Wilmot & Bennett has a dedicated intellectual property law department offering legal advice, registration and protection services, as well as litigation services.

[INSERT NAME] is the contact person for intellectual property matters.

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